It started with a shared passion for a charming town, nestled in the mountains. Ron Allred discovered Telluride in 1979 when he purchased the Telluride Ski Area and developed it into a world-class ski resort. Hideo “Joe” Morita’s passion for Telluride developed years later when he purchased the ski area from Ron in 2000. Like Ron, he fell in love with the special community of Telluride defined by unparalleled beauty, a rich history and the character of its locals. With that in mind, both wanted to preserve what makes Telluride so special. Ron wanted to give back to the community that gave him so much and Joe wanted to invest in the future to help Telluride thrive.

The answer was a foundation to support all the unique things that define Telluride. After approaching his close friends and partners (and countless rounds of golf later), Ron had a commitment from 13 people who each contributed $100,000 to begin a foundation. Thus, the Telluride Foundation was born. Thanks to the initial financial support and leadership from Ron, Joe and many other passionate people in Telluride, the Foundation started December 2000 and has been making more possible ever since.

Today the Telluride Foundation continues to be strongly supported by the Telluride Ski & Golf Resort. In 2004, Joe Morita sold the resort to Chuck Horning. Chuck Horning has served on the board of the Foundation for 12 years. The Telluride Ski & Golf Resort continues to be the most significant and critical supporter of the Telluride Foundation through its leadership and direct financial support. Chuck is passionate about the workforce, wellness and healthcare of the local community. Thank you Ron, Joe & Chuck for all you do for the community and your legacy of unparalleled generosity and leadership.


Community Grants are our sustained effort to provide support to local organizations, addressing community issues consistent with our mission. So whether it’s art, education, health, safety net groups or athletics, we deliver grants to the organizations that need it most. And we provide you the opportunity to be a part of it.

We focus on measurable outcomes and developing financially healthy nonprofits. Our outcome goals are clear and simple:


Early Childhood Development

increase child school readiness


develop 21st Century skills for children and adults


protect and preserve surrounding natural areas


participation that leads to life skills

Arts and Culture

participatory and quality art experiences


encouraging and promoting life-long health

Human Service

a strong and inclusive safety net that builds opportunity

The Telluride Foundation offers an annual competitive granting cycle for nonprofit organizations that serve people living and/or working in San Miguel County, reaching from Rico to Paradox. These organizations are vital to the quality of life for all in our region, and these grants are the heart of our work as a community foundation. A snap shot of grants made since 2001 can be found by downloading the following chart.

Click here for an interactive map of Telluride Foundation Community Grants for 2014.


Community Grants Application

The Telluride Foundation awards annual grants to nonprofits and local governmental entities serving people living or working in San Miguel County, including Rico and Ouray and west Montrose counties.

For more information, and to apply for a community grant, click here.


Safety Net Programs

The Telluride Foundation strives to ensure that the region’s residents receive the health and human services they need and that an effective safety net exists to help community members that experience unfortunate circumstances or emergency hardships. In order to achieve its goal of providing a strong safety net, the Foundation convenes health and human service organizations, encouraging coordination and collaboration and addressing gaps in services. Two programs, managed by the Foundation, seek to address emergency gaps in service:


Energy Outreach

The Telluride Foundation provides Energy Outreach Colorado (EOC) grants to help limited-income households in the region pay their home energy bills.

For more information, click here.


Good Neighbor Fund

The Telluride Foundation has established the Good Neighbor Fund to provide emergency assistance for local families and individuals with limited resources in times of financial crisis. The goal of the Good Neighbor Fund is to help individuals stay in the community and households stay intact during times of financial crisis. The Fund achieves this by providing one-time hardship grants to assist with certain qualified needs, including housing, transportation or medical treatment.

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