The Telluride Foundation’s Volunteer of the Year Award is given in recognition of someone who has unselfishly contributed to our regional community through volunteerism, community service or philanthropy. The recipient is nominated though an open community process and selected by Telluride Foundation.

At an annual community celebration, the recipient(s) is awarded a grant of $5,000 to be given in their name to the local nonprofit of their choice as well as a commemorative plaque.

To nominate a community member for the Telluride Foundations’ 2023 Volunteer of the Year click HERE. Nominations form are due September 6th, 2023

Volunteers of the Year 2022

This year, as nominations for the “Volunteer of the Year” (previously known as “Citizen of the Year”) rolled in, a clear theme emerged – Latino leaders advocating for the Latino community. What’s more, these leaders are not just volunteering during their free time, they are engaged 24 hours a day in a tireless effort to advocate, educate, advise, comfort, and support the welfare of the region’s burgeoning Latino community. It is with gratitude and admiration, that the Telluride Foundation awards the 2022 Volunteers of the Year to a team of exceptional leaders made up of Claudia Garcia Curzio, Julia Millan Avila, and Andres Jacinto Alonzo for their exemplary leadership in the community.

Our 2022 winners share this honor with Terry Tice (2003), Lissa Margetts (2004), John Micetic (2005), Bill Carstens (2006), John Pryor and Jane Hickcox (2007), Kathy Green (2008), Marilyn Branch (2009), Dan and Greer Garner and Andrea Benda (2010) and Billy “Senior” Mahoney (2011), Anne Brady (2012), Dean Rolley (2013), Kristin Holbrook (2014), Gary Freedman (2015), Elaine Fischer (2016), Wendy Brooks (2017), Susan Rice (2018), Barb Gross (2019), and San Miguel County Search and Rescue (2020) and the Ouray County Good Neighbor Fund Founders:  Cat & Barthold Lichtenbelt and Marti & Partick O’Leary (2020), Corinne Cavender, Lollie Lavercombe, Cara Wilder (2021).

To view the Foundation’s Volunteer of the Year Nomination form, click HERE.