Thank you for your interest in the Telluride Foundation. As the Foundation’s President and CEO, I am excited to lead the Organization into a new era — one that builds upon its core values and strong history while also bringing fresh eyes to meet the emerging needs of our unique region. The Telluride Foundation’s work, supporting 75+ nonprofit community partners as well as managing initiatives, such as broadband, housing, and food security, have never been more important as we plan for a resilient future. I am honored to lead the Foundation team, and work closely with our board, community partners, and amazing donors.

The information and links below will provide guidance as to how you can support our work, and our community. The Telluride Foundation is committed to strategically deploying and leveraging your support to Make More Possible.

– Jason Corzine, President & CEO


Unless otherwise designated, all gifts received through our Annual Donor Program are treated as unrestricted gifts.

Why are unrestricted gifts critical to our work? Our communities’ needs are constantly changing and evolving. Today’s concerns give way to tomorrow’s issues. A robust operating fund allows the Telluride Foundation to continue to strategically and efficiently address our region’s most pressing needs. Unrestricted gifts also support the Foundation’s Community Grants Program which awards on average $1M annually supporting 75+ regional nonprofits.

By giving an unrestricted gift, donors can be assured their charitable gift will always serve a vital purpose, even as the community changes and evolves. Unrestricted gifts can be made through the Foundation’s multi-tiered donor program:


Friends of Telluride donors give a minimum of $30,000 annually for 4 years.


Ajax donors give a minimum of $15,000 annually for 4 years.


Gold Hill donors give a minimum of $10,000 annually for 4 years.


Bridal Veil donors give a minimum of $5,000 annually for 4 years.


First Tracks donors give a minimum of $2,000 annually for 4 years.

Brian O'Neill and his 2 sons in the city

There are so many amazing organizations in Telluride that make our community so special that it is difficult to decide which to donate to. I found that giving to the Telluride Foundation was the best way to support many of these groups in meaningful ways. The Foundation is constantly on the forefront of community issues working diligently to bring stakeholders together to solve issues and introduce tremendous new resources to the community further enriching all.

-Brian O’Neill Foundation Board Director & Donor

If your passion draws you toward a particular focus area, program or initiative of the Foundation, or you want to explore non-cash or planned giving, or are simply interested in learning about what it means to be a Telluride Foundation donor, we encourage you to explore the links below. We also invite you to contact us at the Foundation to learn more about the ways in which you can support our work.