Telluride Foundation donors are at the at the heart of our work and as such, at the heart of our regional community. Our donors hail from across our service areas and represent both full and part time residents in our region. Foundation donors care deeply about the people that live and work in our region. Their generosity and commitment allow the Foundation to focus on our work to support, nurture, champion and advocate for the Telluride regional community. For this we are sincerely appreciative.

Three men and a women standing side by side in front of the mountains smiling

We have been in Telluride for 23 years. During that time the Telluride Foundation has become our bridge into this wonderful community. The Foundation’s approach to philanthropy and community development is extraordinary. The Foundation has assured the vibrancy of our not for profit infrastructure and has tackled some of the most pressing social, economic and environmental issues. Most importantly it is focused on delivering results.

– Dan Tishman

Arnie Chavkin and Laura Chang

The staff at the Telluride Foundation has worked diligently to ensure that our vision to support “First Generation to College” students in the region has become a reality. It gives us peace of mind to know we are working with a dedicated staff that understands the community and has strong relationships with each of the school districts in the area.

– Arnie Chavkin and Laura Chang