Telluride Gives 12.13.14

  • Published
  • On December 10, 2014
Sheridan in Telluride

Telluride Foundation is hosting the fourth annual Telluride Gives on 12.13.14. Telluride Gives is an online give day designed to unite and encourage the Telluride regional community to give back. All the nonprofits in the region are invited to participate by creating an on-line page to share their story and funding needs. The nonprofits look forward to the give day and fundraising opportunity. It is their involvement and marketing that makes the day successful. Giving will start at noon on 12.12.14 and continue until midnight on 12.13.14.

Past Results of Telluride Gives:

11.11.11          raised $19,000 from 178 individuals for 29 nonprofits

12.12.12          raised $43,000 from 421 individuals for 40 nonprofits

11.12.13          raised $56,000 from 426 individuals for 57 nonprofits

Telluride’s own radio station, KOTO 91.7 FM covered the give day for the last two years, keeping donors engaged and the money coming in. We are happy they will participate again this year. Please visit www.telluridegives.org on 12.13.14 and support a nonprofit of your choice.