Woman at Telluride Venture Accelerator event
Jesse Johnson speaking at Telluride Venture Accelerator event

Telluride was founded on innovation and entrepreneurship, from Nicolas Tesla, who invented the first alternating current (AC) motor and developed AC generation and transmission technology, to Ron Allred, who masterfully developed the Telluride ski area. This unique initiative has created a new pathway for innovation in Telluride hosting ambitious entrepreneurs as they come together to participate in an annual boot camp-driven accelerator program.

TVA has already proven its ability to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Telluride, bringing new businesses (and jobs) and establishing Telluride as more than a resort destination. Boasting more than $120 million in economic activity generated through direct investment, money raised, and valuations of its graduate companies, TVA just might be Telluride’s next economic engine.

“Having spent most of our careers in the startup world, we’re excited to be doing things differently here in beautiful Western Colorado. TVA is taking some of the most proven aspects of accelerator programs (cohorts, mentors, capital, and curriculum) and packaging them in a new and bold way to support the entrepreneurs behind growing companies.” Ashley Nager, Program Director

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