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Whether for education, entertainment, access to healthcare or to run a Fortune 500 company, the internet is the most important utility available to us in the 21st century.  If broadband is an economic engine and a must-have commodity, what does that mean for communities that do not have access to it?  Lack of broadband access has serious impacts on children’s ability to keep pace with their peers, doctors’ ability to provide quality healthcare, emergency workers’ ability to respond quickly to crises, and businesses’ ability to grow and create new jobs.

Not wanting to remain in the dark any longer, the Telluride Foundation and its partners are lighting the way, leading an effort to build and connect a new (“middle mile”) fiber optic network to every school, library, healthcare center, business, and household from Nucla to Telluride, connecting our entire region to the 21st century. This is a highly collaborative, unique, public-private endeavor that is both expensive and complex and requires significant technical expertise and large-scale construction projects.

To support or learn more about our Community Broadband Initiative please contact Erika Lapsys at