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Our region’s economy is driven primarily by tourism and real estate, which in times of low snowfall or economic recession can cause volatility and instability. Promoting the creation of new and innovative businesses across a range of sectors and supporting the economies of our surrounding communities through the establishment of endowment funds, helps ensure economic vitality.


Created the Telluride Venture Network (TVN), an entrepreneurial ecosystem supporting small businesses, manufacturing companies, and high-growth startups across the region. TVN offers a full spectrum of services, including business acceleration, mentorship, and assistance accessing capital to help entrepreneurs start, grow, and scale businesses.

TVN’s programs are designed to inspire entrepreneurship and to help grow businesses solving problems facing our region. Cómo Construir Un Negocio (How to Build a Business) Bootcamp helps aspiring Latino entrepreneurs start or expand businesses. Strategy & Growth Bootcamp is designed to help leaders acquire the tools necessary to address changes in business conditions, evolving economic factors, new opportunities, and challenges.

TVN’s newest two Bootcamps align with our Climate Resiliency Initiative; the first is focused on accelerating high-growth Climate Tech startups, and the other aims to help aspiring entrepreneurs create and grow small businesses in the sustainability sector.

We support and collaborate with the West End Economic Development Corporation (WEEDC), which promotes economic development in Norwood, Nucla, and Naturita.

We help neighboring communities establish long-term funding streams by providing technical assistance and investment support. These 3 community endowment funds include Norwood’s Lone Cone Legacy Trust, the West End Pay It Forward Trust, and the Rico Legacy Endowment.

We are helping diversify the economy in the West End by providing financial support and technical assistance to the West End recreational trails system so it can bring tourism to a traditionally mining and agricultural area.


TVN has helped 120 companies create 350 jobs and raise $55M in funding.

TVN has awarded over $50K to aspiring Latino entrepreneurs and business owners.

TVN provides mentorship to businesses graduating from TVN Bootcamps or growing ventures in the Telluride region. We have recruited a diverse group of mentors, 60 members strong, who volunteer their time to help a company’s journey toward success.

TVN helps businesses access capital through partnerships with Greater Colorado Venture Fund, Energize Colorado, First Southwest Bank, and local angels.

The Lone Cone Legacy Trust has raised almost $200,000 and is deploying funds to community organizations, including for Norwood Parks & Recreation to build a new community kiosk, Norwood Nordic Association to increase its ski rental fleet, and Prime Time Early Learning Center to help cover operating costs.

The West End Pay It Forward Trust has raised over $300,000 and is deploying funds to community organizations, including for the Basin Clinic to provide low-cost medications to under-insured/uninsured patients, Montrose West Recreation to organize youth and adult recreation opportunities, and the Nucla/Naturita Fire Protection District to expand its services to the community.

We helped the West End Trail Alliance (WETA) obtain funding for necessary preliminary surveys to build 54 miles of new trails on public land. We awarded $40K in direct funding and provided grant writing assistance that helped WETA bring in another $100K. The community hopes that new trail systems will grow tourism and new businesses servicing tourists.



It was a unique learning experience, and it was unimaginable how much information was provided during the course. The presenters, translators, and all the people involved were impressive. I now have many tools to continue growing my business. Thank you, Telluride Venture Network.

-Ana Marquez, founder of House Perfect, and Cómo Construir Un Negocio Bootcamp graduate

I wish that I would have attended this program when I started my business over 20 years ago. The tools and knowledge provided in this Bootcamp would have minimized uncertainty in the overwhelming decisions and tasks that I was responsible for.

-Marie Gamweger, Managing Partner at Surfaceliner and Strategy and Growth Bootcamp graduate


Great differentiation in skill sets—really helps guide things. All of my mentors believe in me and my business, and that is extremely powerful and motivating for me. They’re all supportive and honest—I feel like the feedback is accurate, balanced, and supportive.

-Mary Hearding, Founder Karma Tutors and participant in TVN’s Mentor Program.

I really appreciate discussing issues and ideas with brains outside of our organization to get different perspectives. It also helps to reinforce suggestions that I’ve made but that my team has dismissed. Getting straightforward feedback on strategies that we’ve tried helps us to consider different angles.

-Tracy Kessman, VP of Business Operations at Avivid Water Technology, Mining Reclamation and Clean Water Bootcamp graduate and participant in TVN’s Mentor Program

We are working with our team on the clarification of our Brand Identity, development of use cases, intellectual property protection, visualizer tool development, channel partners, and fundraising. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this mentorship community and support.

-Bill McDonald, Phoenix Haus founder, Investment Bootcamp graduate, and participant in TVN’s Mentor Program

Our Trustee Network is composed of enthusiastic individuals who are dedicated to helping TVN fulfill its mission to diversify the regional economy. Through their financial contributions, TVN is afforded the ability to develop innovative programming and partnerships supporting high-growth startups and small businesses alike. 

If you are interested in becoming a Trustee please contact our Network Manager, Annemarie Jodlowski, at 970-729-1191 or