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Access to quality healthcare is challenging in a rural region due to higher poverty rates, many people without health insurance, a shortage of health providers, few resources for mental health, and long distances to hospitals.


In 2008, the Telluride Foundation met with regional healthcare leaders to define and discuss opportunities to enhance local healthcare in San Miguel, Montrose & Ouray Counties by integrating healthcare services. Through a series of meetings, discussions, and collective interests, Tri-County Health Network (TCHNetwork) was formed and in 2010 was incorporated as a 501(c)3 supporting organization of the Telluride Foundation.

TCHNetwork is improving the overall health of our region by identifying, developing, and operating community programs focused on improving quality and reducing costs to increase access to medical care for all. 

TCHNetwork delivers critical services to those most in need in our region. They provide medical insurance enrollment assistance, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) enrollment assistance, behavior health education and teletherapy, mobile dental clinics, regional medical shuttles, care coordination to address the social determinants of health, and the Communities that Care program helping foster healthy youth development. 

We financially support area health and human services organizations. These groups are focused on addressing the social determinants of health that affect the wellness and prosperity of all community members. 

We manage two safety net programs, the Good Neighbor Fund (GNF) and the Ouray County Community Response Fund. The GNF provides emergency assistance for local families and individuals with limited resources in times of financial crisis. The goal of the Good Neighbor Fund is to help individuals stay in the community and households stay intact during times of financial crisis. Grants are typically awarded for qualified needs, including housing, transportation, or medical treatment.  The Ouray County Community Response Fund (OCCRF) provides emergency financial assistance for people in Ouray County. In addition to the needs served by the GNF, the OCCRF also provides property tax assistance.


Through TCHNetwork, we annually help approximately 375 people enroll in healthcare coverage and 128 people enroll in food assistance.

Through TCHNewtwork, 270 school-aged students receive dental exams, x-rays, and restorative care, nearly 3,000 individuals get care coordination, and 85 individuals receive mental health teletherapy.

We award ⅓ of our annual grant total ($330K-$365K) to fund health and human service organizations. Recent recipients have included Basin Clinic, Telluride Regional Medical Center (TRMC) and Axis Health System. In addition, we have funded capital grants for dental facility renovations at Uncompahgre Medical Center and medical equipment at TMRC and Basin Clinic.

We annually fund approximately $70K to GNF and OOCRF helping hundreds of people per year.