Sunrise mountain lake
Beaver dam
Alpine lake near Telluride, Colorado
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A changing climate threatens our local watersheds, forests, economy, and way of life. Rising temperatures and faster snow melt influence water supplies, directly impacting farm yields and wildfire risk. Greenhouse gas emissions contribute to a warming climate and drought conditions that disproportionately affect our region’s tourism-based and agriculture-based economy.


We financially support local nonprofits in their efforts to bolster climate resiliency.

We drive awareness about climate topics through events and programming.

We partner locally with Open Minds, an apolitical association of business, academic, and political leaders, to raise awareness about the dual challenge of the growing demand for energy and the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to mitigate climate change. 

We are exploring a partnership with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to drive the adoption of the regional Climate Action Plan.

Through Telluride Venture Network (TVN), we will host our first Climate Tech and Sustainability Bootcamps in 2024 to help accelerate startups and small businesses in these sectors. 


Hosted the first community meeting with NREL to promote the implementation of the regional Climate Action Plan.

Partnered with Colorado Water Trust to host a panel discussion on water, drought, and the future of agriculture.

Hosted a community screening of Roots so Deep, a documentary about regenerative farming in collaboration with Mountain Film and Telluride Science.

Deployed $94K to local climate resiliency projects, including funds to help EcoAction Partners implement the regional Climate Action Plan, San Miguel Watershed Coalition facilitate Stream Management Plan projects, and Colorado West Land Trust conserve critical habitat in the Paradox Valley.