• Published
  • On January 25, 2022

Norwood, CO (January 24, 2022) – The Rural Homes Project is pleased to announce that the Norwood Planning & Zoning Commission has recommended final plat approval for the first affordable housing project in Norwood in decades. With the P&Z Commission approval, the sales web site has gone live with details for prospective homebuyers.

The Town of Norwood Trustees will vote to adopt the final plat on Feb. 9th. The Pinion Park Neighborhood, located just south of the Lone Cone Library in Norwood, if granted final plat approval, will break ground next month and provide 24 affordable deed restricted single family homes available for sale to qualified residents. These brand new, high quality, energy efficient homes will be constructed in the new Fading West factory in Buena Vista, Colorado, and will be ready to move in later this summer.

The deed restriction on these homes means that if there is excess demand by interested and qualified buyers, the San Miguel Housing Authority will conduct a lottery process to select buyers for these homes. Among other restrictions, buyers in the initial pool must qualify between within specific income thresholds to be eligible, and priority is given to those who physically work in the Norwood School District.

Please visit our website at www.pinionparknorwood.co for more information or to submit your name to received regular updates as an interested home buyer.

Pinion Park is a project of Rural Homes: For Sale, For Locals with the goal to develop a scalable and repeatable approach to reduce the cost of building new homes priced for the local workforce in rural Colorado. By integrating donated land, modular home design and manufacturing, and low-cost construction finance into a toolkit, we are restructuring the way rural homes can be built affordably for a region’s essential workforce: school district employees, nonprofit healthcare professionals, government employees, emergency responders and other locals. By building new homes in rural towns where the housing market often consists of older homes or inflated by with market developers and the vacation markets, we are addressing the local housing affordability crisis and long-term economic sustainability. By adding new, quality homes in Norwood, we hope to encourage home ownership for the local workforce, provide long-term economic sustainability in the region, and help build a stronger, healthier community.

Rural Homes Project is planning to construct neighborhoods in Ridgway and Ouray that will bring over 100affordable homes to the region in coming years.

For more information on the Rural Homes Project please visit us at www.ruralhomes.co or reach out at info@ruralhomesproject.co.