New This Year, the Neil Armstrong Scholarship Committee Awarded a “Recognition Prize” for a Top Academic Student

  • Published
  • On August 15, 2018
High school aged boy being handed an award by an older man and smiling on a stage. He is wearing a maroon graduation gown.

New this year, the Neil Armstrong Scholarship Committee awarded a “Recognition Prize” for a top academic student, planning to pursue a major in a STEM field, but who lacked the financial need required by the scholarship criteria. The Scholar receives an unrestricted prize payment of $4000 following submitting an essay describing how they plan to use the funds “to fuel their passion.”

The Committee recognized Adrian Scheibler, who will be attending Stanford and studying biology. His essay, below, fuels our hope in the next generation….

From an early age, I have always harbored a deep love and passion for different languages and cultures. Growing up in a multicultural Swiss community and moving to the United States during my childhood instilled an appreciation for the unique facets of different heritages and made me realize that no differences between people are too great to be bridged. Especially now, as we transition into a fully interconnected and globalized world, the connections and friendships made across societies have become ever the more crucial to foster understanding and brotherhood. In my life, the different customs and beliefs that I have been exposed to have each greatly impacted me and lead to personal growth, and continuing to expose myself to novel cultures are a distinct goal as I prepare to enter university. During my time at Stanford, I especially aim to partake in a foreign study program in which I would attend an institution abroad and immerse myself in a new environment.

Studying in a different country will doubtlessly be an enriching experience. Being completely absorbed in a new language while continuing to learn and meet new people is a unique and memorable experience in itself, not to mention the novel cuisine and lifestyle; however, the funds provided by the scholarship would be used to supplement and enhance the experience further. From attending different cultural events or traveling to unique locations, there are endless ways to utilize the money in order to enjoy the experience and make the most of the time. Outside of being in the classroom, there are worlds to discover, and it is my hope that the funds can make the experience worthwhile and meaningful.

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to the Neil Armstrong Committee for awarding me the Recognition Prize. Their generosity is reflective of the general spirit of support permeating the Telluride community in regards to assisting those aspiring higher education, one which has and continues to allow for the dreams of many to be realized. I aspire to proving myself worthy of this beneficence.