The Telluride Foundation has made a strong commitment to improve the quality, accessibility, and affordability of early childhood education as well as school age care and education programs for families in the communities we serve. Programs that receive Telluride Foundation support for early childhood programming and scholarships are expected to:

  1. Assess pre-kindergarten children in the fall and spring using “Teaching Strategies Gold” and report outcomes from those assessments in your final report
  2. Participate in the “Colorado Shines” quality rating system. Anticipated expenses related to achieving a quality rating, including environmental rating scale, student assessment, staff credentialing, and professional development, may be included in the grant proposal. If you have completed a quality rating assessment, please include results and plan for future improvement based on those results.
  3. Document your facility’s scholarship policies (including any sliding scales used to determine eligibility for financial assistance) as well as your facilities level of participation in the “Colorado Preschool Program” and/or “Colorado Child Care Assistance Program”, and/or any other community, state or federal programs that improves accessibility and affordability of early childhood care and education.