Technical Assistance Grants

The Grants Committee of the Telluride Foundation may offer Technical Assistance to a local nonprofit instead of funding a cash grant request or a nonprofit may request a Technical Assistance Grant in addition to a cash grant. The objective is to provide the nonprofit with a professional third party assessment of their current needs.  The assessment may identify the need for an updated business plan, strategic plan, marketing plan, Board of Directors development, etc. The assessment will normally be conducted by a consultant determined by the Telluride Foundation, and results will be shared with the Telluride Foundation.  Nonprofits may also request to work with a specific consultant, who must be approved by Telluride Foundation. The Telluride Foundation will pay for the assessment and will fund part of, or the entire consultant fee. If selected for a Technical Assistance Grant, the nonprofit will not be eligible for future funding from the Telluride Foundation until they have completed the Technical Assistance process.