SAN MIGUEL COUNTY AND TELLURIDE FOUNDATION TO PRESENT RESULTS ON REGIONAL MEAT PROCESSING FEASIBLITY STUDY Goldenhorn Consulting Group has Completed its Meat Processing Facility Feasibility Study and will Present its Findings this December

  • Published
  • On December 2, 2020

TELLURIDE, Colo. (December 1, 2020) – Earlier this year, San Miguel County, in partnership with the Telluride Foundation, received a Rural Economic Development Grant (REDI) from the Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) to conduct a feasibility study on the existing and potential meat processing options for meat producers and hunters. This feasibility study has recently been completed by Goldenhorn Consulting Group, a Tennessee-based group with extensive experience conducting meat processing facility feasibility studies in rural areas. Goldenhorn Consulting Group will be presenting their findings on December 15, 3pm – 5pm, 2020, and we encourage anyone interested in this topic to participate in the presentation via Zoom (link to register is below).

Goldenhorn Consulting Group has met with ranchers and various interested parties local to San Miguel, Ouray, and west Montrose counties to gain insight into the current status of meat processing in the region. Over the last several months, surveys were conducted to assess the meat supplied by farmers and the demand for the regional meat processing facility. These surveys indicate that the majority of surveyed businesses would be interested in purchasing meat produced locally, even if that required paying a premium. Restaurants also indicated that serving local meat is prioritized over serving grass fed or organic meat. Another survey indicates that producers are in favor of processing meat closer to their farms and ranches. Additionally, the survey findings indicate that a new local processing facility may influence producers to either finish a greater number of cattle for processing or even begin finishing cattle for the first time altogether. Hog and sheep producers indicated they would increase herd sizes if a new facility was constructed or a current facility was updated. These are just a few of the many findings that will be covered by Goldenhorn Consulting Group in their presentation this December.

The Consultants will also provide an update on next steps including a desired management structure, the financial feasibility of a facility given livestock production figures collected from the aforementioned surveys, and the number of animals that would need to move through the facility to make it financially feasible. The presentation will provide ample time for questions and conversations and will be recorded. You must register in advance for this meeting at:


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. If you are unable to attend but would like a recording of the presentation, contact april@telluridefoundation.org.

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